Groen Gedoe Podcast

TU Delft

Assistant Professor at TU Delft Gerdien de Vries is in the process of converting her house into a net-zero home. Gerdien takes the audience along with her process while talking to industry expert who share their insights and information with Gerdien. As she overcomes common road blocks of converting her home, the audience learns with her. The goal is to inform home owners where to start, and stimulate them to take action in making their homes sustainable.

Our team took on te entire project from the editorial phase to the production, post-production and distribution. The result is a six-episode season released in oktober 2023.


Podcast Production
Content editorial
Community management


Project Manager & Editorial
Thomas Weenk
Creative Director
Eva Welten
Podcast Editor & Distribution
Thomas Aleva
Content Editor
Paulien Thalen

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